Meet Cynthia

I am a proud Filipina American, the daughter of immigrant parents. I am a wife and working mother with two young boys. I was born and raised in Seattle, but Tukwila is the place that I now call home, and I couldn’t be any happier. I’ve grown to love this beautifully diverse city, full of opportunity, and I want to play a bigger part in helping Tukwila thrive. READ MORE.

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Cynthia’s Priorities


Public Safety

With the new court and police station being built as part of the Public Safety Plan, there is great opportunity to create an environment where courts, community, and law enforcement can come together and envision a better future of justice in Tukwila. Community engagement is critical to the success of this endeavor. We must also prioritize our city’s infrastructure through a combination of maintenance and smart investment in new projects.

Economic Opportunity and Development

Tukwila is experiencing a lot of growth and development, and it’s up to us to ensure that this development continues in the best interests of our residents. This includes supporting workers while balancing the needs of businesses both small and large, maintaining Tukwila’s character, and prioritizing environmental sustainability in our future development.



We must keep Tukwila diverse, affordable, and livable for working families and families who are experiencing poverty. My priorities will include keeping Tukwila affordable, maintaining our beautiful parks and recreation areas, and increasing access to public transportation options.