My Priorities

Public safety

  • Law Enforcement and Courts – We must have quick and responsive law enforcement for when crimes are reported, and also have patrols that are visibly present to prevent crime in our neighborhoods. It is also important to equip the courts with staff and resources to resolve cases effectively and efficiently. At the same time, it is important that our law enforcement and our courts know how to interact with Tukwila’s diverse community. Our services must be accessible to people who communicate in languages other than English, accessible to individuals who have disabilities, and equally accessible and responsive to all people who live in our neighborhoods.
    Our justice system must understand that safety and justice look differently depending on one’s race, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship status, and age. With the new court and police station being built as part of the Public Safety Plan, there is a lot of opportunity to create an environment where law enforcement, courts, and community come together to envision a new future of justice in Tukwila.

  • Community Engagement – We should seek to create opportunities for our kids to thrive through partnerships with law enforcement and the courts. In order to create a more fair and equitable justice system, it is important that the youth of Tukwila see themselves as having the ability to be a part of affecting change. We should encourage the community to engage with the justice system through positive interactions – like public events held at the court or within the community where community members can meet and talk with justice system employees.

economic opportunity & Development

  • Support Workers and Balance Needs of Small and Large Businesses – We must balance the needs of some of our larger businesses and employers while still ensuring that workers and small business owners have opportunities to thrive. We must also play a part in ensuring that workers are being treated fairly and receiving livable wages, and should support jobs for Tukwila’s residents.
    We must also support small and minority owned business growth.

  • Affordable Housing – While residents enjoy the proximity to the commercial district, it is important that we maintain a sense of neighborhood and community. Tukwila is home to many working class and low income families. With the increase of housing prices in the region, we have to develop policies that will keep Tukwila affordable. We must think of ways to support low income families and families who are experiencing homelessness in our city.


  • Parks and Recreation – Tukwila has many parks and areas for recreation for its residents to enjoy. We must continue to maintain those areas and seek input from residents on opportunities to build new parks or make improvements to existing ones.
    We must continue to support and create opportunities for kids of all ages. We should seek out public and private partnerships that will bring in recreation for the youth including sports, arts, technology, and career and higher education preparation programs. When our kids thrive, our community thrives.

  • Transportation – Tukwila residents enjoy easy accessibility to several major highways and interstates, SeaTac Airport, and the Southcenter shopping district. We must be conscious of how any changes or developments might affect the level of accessibility enjoyed by our residents. While Tukwila has its own light rail station, there are several areas of Tukwila that are not accessible by public transportation. We must work with our regional partners to increase accessibility to public transportation.